60 Scenes Community Forum

Participants who have completed the 60 Scenes 1-Day Workshop are invited to join our online community forum, where they can continue to engage with one another and develop their storyboards in a supportive environment.

In the forum, participants can present their storyboards, loglines, scene cards, or ask general questions while giving and receiving feedback. Forum discussions are theme-driven and allow writers to use and hone the 60 Scenes Writing Method, interact with others who have also learned the method, and get one step closer to finishing their novel.

Access to the forum is through our online 60 Scenes Portal.

How to use the Forum Portal

Gaining Access

Our 60 Scenes Community Forum is available to all participants who have already completed a 60 Scenes 1-Day Workshop.

A few days after you have completed the workshop, you will receive an email from PenPaperWrite inviting you to choose a username. Your response will get the process going for your enrollment in the Forum.

After you respond to the administrator, you'll receive another email confirming your account has been set up, and you'll receive a temporary password. At this point, you're all set to log on the Forum and to start posting!

Using the Portal Forum

Step 1

When you click on the Portal Access button, you'll be taken to the Portal home page. You'll need to log in using the link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (upper left-hand corner on mobile devices).

screen shot


screen shot

NOTE: If you have cookies disabled for your browser, you may not be able to use the Log In link. Go to your browser's preferences to allow cookies.

Step 2

log in screen

You'll be prompted to supply the username you requested and the temporary password you received in your email. If either of these does not work, please respond to the administrator's email and request a password reset.

The 60 Scenes Community Forum does not allow guest access.

NOTE: At this time, you must request a password reset directly from the administrator using your email. The automatic password reset function is non-operational.

Step 3

Click on "60 Scenes Forum" to access the 60 Scenes Community Forum.

access forum

Step 4

Click on the "Getting Started in this Forum" and "Updating your profile" documents to learn how to post, where to change your password and how to upload a photo of yourself to your forum profile.

access forum

Step 5

Start posting!

NOTE: If you run into any technical issues along the way, you can always contact your site administrator for help.

Contact the Administrator

If you took the 60 Scenes 1-Day Workshop but did not receive an email invitation to the forum, please use our contact form to reach out to the site administrator.

Please put "60 Scenes Forum" in the subject line.