The Origin of 60 Scenes

“I’m not a writer.”

In 2009, Christina Ranallo of 60 Scenes began a Meetup group for writers. The needs of the group always centered around character building and plot development. But the statement "I am not a writer" came up often among participants.

Christina began to teach a workshop called Writers in the Dark that focused on Concept, Plot, the Hero's Journey, and Storyboarding. Everything in the workshop was useful, but participants began to request more scene work and more storyboarding.

Before too long, Christina began to hone the storyboarding portion of the course and eventually developed the 60 Scenes Writing Method, repeating the same mantra to all participants: If you can write 60 Scenes, you can write a novel (or a screenplay).

“I am not a writer.” That may be so, but anyone can learn to organize ideas into a story using the 60 Scenes Writing Method.

Participant Feedback

“With the guidance, encouragement and supporting materials, along with the commitment I made to myself by joining, I was able to greatly improve my draft and have it ready for the road to publishing. Starting work on my next book, I fully intend to … (use this method) …again.”
– Gil Shalev

“In the middle of the workshop, I was suddenly hit with a feeling that a door somewhere was being opened.”
- Kevin R.

“When you understand story structure, your jumbled parts and pieces find their natural order.”
- Karen M.

“I have seen that, just occasionally, something I have done has changed the course of my life.”
- Jane R.

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