The 60 Scenes 1-Day Workshop

Upcoming workshop on September 23rd

DateSeptember 23rd, 2017
Time11:00am – 5:00pm
Location5 Seasons Brewing
at The Prado
5600 Roswell Rd NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
(Private room)

"The workshop helped me discover structure.
What events I needed or didn't need to move my story forward.
All of a sudden I could see where I needed to go."

– Ana S.

How does the plot of a well-written novel or screenplay hold itself together through subplots and multiple characters, yet somehow keep the reader on edge until the very end?

Learning how successful authors use storyboarding and structure will help you keep your story on track. However, that’s just the first step—you also need to understand how to fit your subplots, character development, and motivations into that structure.

The 60 Scenes 1-Day Workshop does just that: it teaches you a method to break down your ideas into sixty distinct scenes, and then apply those scenes into a tried and true story arc. Once your scenes and structure are in place, you have the tools to write a first draft of your entire novel or screenplay, from start to finish.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to structure your plot using a proven, centuries-old formula to keep your audience enthralled until the very end
  • How to use our distinctive Of Two Minds method—map out every scene from both the writer’s and the character’s perspectives
  • How to articulate what your story is really about
  • Where to start your story—it’s not always at the beginning
  • How to make a robust storyboard
  • How to break the entire writing process into manageable chunks so that you can complete that first draft, quickly and effectively

Who should attend:

  • Writers who have a great idea, but need guidance on how to turn that idea into a long, engaging story
  • Writers who are struggling with how to weave subplots, conflict, and characters into their overarching plot
  • Writers with busy schedules who can benefit from a structure to keep their writing goals on track
  • Writers who have already completed a first draft, but want to improve their story’s flow
  • Writers interested in learning a proven formula that can help them turn out one excellent story after another
  • Anyone who wants to write a novel or screenplay, but is struggling with how to get started

Pay now to reserve your spot

Our purchases are conducted through PayPal.